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For over ten years we've worked for, worked in and worked with licenced venues, to provide entertainment and an outsiders view on their current ongoing operations. If you currently run a venue or business and feel like that it's not being utilised to its full potential, than it probably isn't. We specialise in teaming up with venues and business and hit the ground running. We instantly improve the socials of our clients and get our hands dirty. We learn the current processes and try and offer suggestions where things could work better differently. 


Like all our services we can tailor the package to suit your needs and of course, your budget. From social media, to the behind the scene structure of the business we get our hands dirty and help you establish a successful business from the ground up. With our current clients we've built their websites, run their socials (either all of them or specific ones), provide promotional flyers for food specials, happy hours and extra events, but with all our clients we bring our experience, professionalism and knowledge of the industry onboard as well as our event management experience. We also open up our rosters to your venue and bring our wealth of contacts both in DJs, live musicians, celebrities and comedians and the buying power that comes with booking with us, which is something you won't be able to match by yourself. 

We can slowly implement things and make the changeover slight and unnoticeable, or we can clean up your current processes, work on a new image and through advertising and social media relaunch your venue with our fresh new branding and approach.


If you think your venue would benefit from talking to us, don't hesitate to reach out to us now and start the conversation, simply click here