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Starting to learn DJing from a young tender age of sixteen, off the back of learning woodwind instruments, COZE dived into the Electronic Dance Music scene. Firstly tackling large house parties in his local area of the Riverland, he learnt the tactics of entertaining and the skill to DJ. Catching the eye of a local promotor, COZE scored himself a residency at the well renowned Riverland all ages show called “Devine”. He continued to grow and improve with the community that “Devine” was and still is, he achieved a residency at the newly opened Nightclub in the Riverland at the time, being back in early 2012 was “Rivaz Nightclub”. 

Coze skip forward a couple of years and our boy Coze now has a former residency at Dog and Duck under his belt, as well as a bunch of guest spots at some of Adelaide's most popular night spots including Black Bull and Electric Circus. 


At the ripe age of 23, Coze has a stand alone brand not needing our help to rise above the crowd, thanks much in part to his energetic performances, his unique and more than comfortableness with a microphone and the ability to read and perform to any crowd he finds in front of him!