How Diversity Entertainment began.






Andrew is the owner and operator of Diversity Entertainment. Cutting his teeth through private parties and sporting club shows, Andrew first DJ'd when he was 15 years old in Port Pirie, hiring equipment from locals to play his shows. Andrew got given his first setup from his parents, and shortly after with two of his best mates started Diversity Djs. Within a couple years that one system turned into three, then six and finally eight. Playing some of Pirie's most memorable hall parties including Padarch Hall and Buffalo Hall to just name a few. 


Andrew's first time playing a licenced venue was the old Central Hotel. From there he took up a rotating residency at the Newcastle Hotel for a couple of years - finishing at 4am and sitting in the medium strip to 7am almost every weekend. Once the time had passed on the Newcastle, Andrew took Diversity Djs (still called that) to The Family. He started out simply DJ'n out the back in the Beer Garden each and every week, but eventually he had an idea which would spark a change to the entire way kids saw Port Pirie's Saturday nights. With the country kids spending big most weekends to go to Adelaide, Andrew thought why can't we bring Adelaide to Port Pirie, Family Saturdays was born. With guests ranging from Uberjak'd and Kronic to Danny T, NIna Las Vegas and Reece Low + some of the biggest and most popular Adelaide DJ's including DJ Dylan Sanders, Ryley, Paul Marshman, Will Giles and Plastik People to just name a few a new expectation was created. 


After 2.5 extremely successful years this chapter closed and Diversity Djs took a break from licenced venues for 12 months, focusing on private shows, weddings and some of the new services that we offer today. With this break came the evolution of Diversity Entertainment. At the same time, Diversity Entertainment wa