Andrew Leske


Andrew is the owner and operator of Diversity Entertainment. He also holds a postiion with Good Sports Australia as a South Australian Project Officer and is a fully qualified Building Technician which he utilises through another business he owns and operates, Leske Development Services.


Andrew began out DJ'n private shows and sporting club events when he was 15. He started DJ'n licenced venues when he was 16 and start managing his own club night and venue from the age of 19. Andrew has been a constant contributer to the Port Pirie community, through his businesses and individually from a young age and it has always been something he's been passionate about. Andrew has lived in Port Pirie his entire life, and now as he draws closer to moving away from DJ'n on a regular basis, he focuses more of his energy on helping out and teaching the business to younger people whilst networking and growing Diversity Entertainment (including their roster of acts) into a bigger more successful force in South Australia and Australia. 


Andrew has always believed rural kids don't get the same chances as the city kids, so he has strived to push the rural kids into the City scene and get them exposurer at festivals and city nightclubs on a regular basis through his networks of friends and colleagues. Andrew is driven about this as he was never given the chances when he was younger and found it quite difficult to get into the Adelaide scene, now he's in a position to help other rural kids so they don't go through the same thing. 


If you want to contact Andrew, don't hesitate reach out to him and start the conversation, simply click here